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Mistakes to Avoid when Selling

Lisa Johnson Sevajian

I create raving fans and life long friendships, one home sale at a time...

I create raving fans and life long friendships, one home sale at a time...

Nov 27 10 minutes read

The Top 3 CRINGE Causing Mistakes to AVOID when selling.... Watch the quick video to find out. 

Failing to prepare.

Problem : You don't know what you spent, when or who did the work. The first step in any well planned sale is preparation. Over the years you have invested in your home. You've updated electrical, heat, central air, maybe added insulation? Though I can usually with a high degree of accuracy gauge the investment that's gone into a home's systems and aesthetics depending on this is a mistake. There is no one who knows your home like you do. Help me to help you earn the highest value possible by preparing a detailed list of improvements and home expenses.

Solution: Keep track of what you spend, when you spend it and who completes the work. When preparing to sell create a list of all improvements and any upcoming headaches you foresee with the home. Track your heat, electricity and water bills so that the buyers can see clearly what to expect when buying your property. Often buyer's ask for this information after a home inspector recommends it, if it's higher than what they are used to it can scare them away through no fault of yours. Providing accurate information up front helps buyers get comfortable enough to submit an offer on your home. 

Selling your home is often emotional and can feel confusing at times. 

I have guided hundreds of clients through the process flawlessly. I will be here to help you too when you are ready.

Telling your story, not the homes.

Problem: You love your home and the idea of it being a "product" feels uncomfortable. You don't want a sign and you dont want the world to know it's for sale. You want to have the marketing focus less on the "real value" and more on the experiences you have had in the home. I value the information you share with me about the experiences you have had in the home. The memories help me paint a picture to the new owners of what they will love about living there but it's the care, maintenance and updates that add value. The new owners prefer to see themselves in the home.

Solution: Make sure you’re truly ready to sell before you go public. This can be a very emotional process and you need to be fully committed. Once you’ve decided you are ready to move it's time to start to detach, that doesn't mean forget. It means emotionally prepare for the move. By doing so you will feel much better about hearing real feedback both good and bad that allow you to make smart choices about your sale.

The memories you share with me help me educate the buyers about what makes your home special however it's the substance of the home that I need to focus on in our marketing. 

Pricing based on feelings, not data or updates.

Problem: You believe the house is worth more than true market data because your friends, family and neighbors have always told you how special it is. 

Solution: Be honest with me about your goals. Then take the time to learn what data supports the value of your home. If you are in financial distress we should discuss it gently. If you are simply moving to better schools but want a similar sized home, let's talk about it. If you are outgrowing your first home and ready for your forever home we can talk about best places to invest. 

I have earned record breaking sales for clients who depend on me. I have trained agents on pricing strategies across the country. Often I am asked to share my thoughts for national and local media on pricing a home. Use my experience to your advantage. Ask questions, let me educate you about the most current trends in the last 14 days. That's where the true market data comes from that guides your sale.

By correctly pricing your property I am able to save you money, time and headaches and often I am able to earn substantially higher than market value sales.

Listing without a plan.

Problem: You hired the wrong agent, or perhaps you didn't listen to the perfect agent. Maybe a few weeks go by and you’ve attracted some buyers, but no one loves it enough to send an offer. 

What went wrong? Maybe your photos aren't great. Perhaps you don't have a compelling story, there isn't anything that stands out as special.

Solution: In real estate exposure is the key to fix any problem. By reaching 80,000 + people in a matter of just a few days I am able to attract real, qualified buyers from across town as well as across the globe. But once we have the attention the portfolio must be compelling. So we start with a great story about your unique home. We create stunning visuals, complete comprehensive research and put forth an enormous amount of care. 

In order to achieve a top dollar sale we need reach. The further our reach the better the results. So we share our story with the world to attract buyer's from across town as well as across the globe.  

In 2017 no other real estate team in Massachusetts sold as many homes as we did traditionally. In 2018 as of 12/2 we have earned the #3 position as an office for homes sold in our focussed market. This is only possible due to our reputation, our reach and our efforts.

You want to "test" the market.

There is no amount of advertising that can sell an over priced home. In today's mortgage industry there are appraisals and under writers who review the value report prior to approving a loan. If a home is being sold at an amount the appraiser cannot justify the under writer's duty is to decline the loan. Often at this point people ask what happens in a cash purchase. It's true cash buyers dont typically hire appraisers however most cash buyers are expecting to negotiate based on their ease of transaction. Rarely is a cash buyer the highest offer in a multiple offer situation in my experience. 

Problem : By pricing it too high you tell the Buyer's and their agents that you aren't serious about moving. You also put yourself through an emotional roller coaster that simply isn't necessary.

Solution: If you truly want to "test" the market we can expose your home to buyers in our database privately and see if we have a match without risking the publicity of your home being publicly overpriced. This can provide you with an off market private sale.

Winging it when it comes to Showings.

Problem: You are on the market, have showing requests but no set plan in place. You are overwhelmed with requests and can't keep up. Coordinating pets, kids, spouses schedules is overwhelming and feels like a full time job.

Solution: Have set hours on specific days planned where showings are approved quickly and easily. Limit the viewings to these specific times so you don't need to keep the home showing ready every day.

Often you hear that showing your home is a necessary part of selling and I agree. It is. But the idea that your home should be available all day everyday is wrong. I have proven time and time again that by setting a strict calendar with limited viewing times serious buyers come out and view the home in it's best possible light. By approving last minute showings and thinking the buyers will overlook laundry, dishes or garbage out you ultimately hurt your chances of receiving the highest value offers. 

Not knowing what comes next.

Problem : You don't have a plan in place for what happens when you receive an offer that's acceptable. Do you know where you are going, when you can go there and what price you are willing to accept? By not having this worked out before you hit the market you could be costing yourself a sale. When you receive an offer it will come with a 24 hour response time most likely. Some times sellers request more time, this is a bad move based on my experience. This makes buyers doubt your sincerity and rethink their offer. 

Solution: Be honest with me about your goals, your options and your limitations. We can create a strategy that works to your benefit and a time line to suggest to buyers as to when you are comfortable moving. Need temporary housing? We can find it. Need to utilize a Home Sale contingency or Suitable housing contingency in order to prepare for your next home? Click here to read about Selling & Buying at the same time. 

There are so many things to consider when Selling a home. 

I have shared with you some of the mistakes I guide my clients away from when we work together to find their perfect buyer. When the time comes for you to move I will be here to help you too as I have for hundreds and hundreds of others over the years. 

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